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If you’ve tried the game, please let me know what you think. What works? What doesn’t work so well? I will respond to every comment (unless it’s abusive). Thanks!

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  1. I found this game via AnimeOTK before they took the link down, and I have to say I love it. I’ve fantasized about similar concepts before, more from a female-gaze angle, but this still pushes a lot of my buttons. I love how fully-realized it is, with the animated spankings, the voices, the scolding, and so on.

    Personally, I don’t care for diapers and diaper play, so if there’s a way to avoid that content, I’d prefer it. Also, some stuff about the game backstory would be useful, just to help set the scene. Maybe an intro screen or something, or maybe a book in the main character’s bedroom. “How To Be A Good Boy For Your New Mommies” or something, written like old children’s books on proper behavior, and in the process filling in some stuff about the game world. I could write that if you needed a little help; I read a lot of old stuff like that.

    What would be useful is some idea of what’s currently implemented and what isn’t. Messing with stuff in the bedroom doesn’t seem to be able to get me in trouble yet, but maybe I just haven’t found the way to trigger it? I haven’t managed to get spanked by all four women yet.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. Honestly, I’ve been working on this game in a total vacuum, and these first bits of feedback are so incredibly valuable to me! I wish RobM (a moderator at AnimeOTK) didn’t rule with such an iron fist. I am hopeful that I will eventually get through there, because I crave the feedback, but it is quite a challenge. I think in general moderators see the worst in people, and having never been in their shoes I can’t really judge.

      It is generous of you to look past the very strong male-gaze elements of this game. It’s basically a peep show, and one of my biggest concerns was that the already-rare female F/m fans would see this and conclude that it wasn’t for them. So I am very gratified that you found things to like in spite of this.

      I like your idea about an intro screen or book. When I first started the game last September (it’s been a while!), I didn’t know anything about what was possible. Now that I have a better idea, I’ve had a chance to think of details about this world and what I might try to do with it, both for this game and in the future. I am not afraid of writing, but if you feel inspired to write and share something yourself, I would be tickled to include some of it if I am able.

      Regarding the diaper stuff, I intend to make it easy to avoid. My goal is to have spankings with various implements / undergarments / etc., but it is very hard for me. Each one takes a day or two to implement. So I’m not sure where it will end up, if it does.

      As for getting Jessie to spank you, since the “naughty level” is cumulative, you just need to be there when you’re at the maximum naughty level. Some “naughty” things you can do there are: take pictures of her with the phone (extra naughty points if you are wearing the x-ray glasses and she appears to be naked), open the drawers and try on her panties, or, oddly, attempt to wake her up by hitting her bottom with the toy ball. The naughty points will be awarded when she wakes up and becomes aware of what you’ve done.

      I’m not sure how best to indicate what’s been implemented other than providing a cheat-sheet (which I might do), though if I’m ever allowed on AOTK, I hope to engage with the commenters and let them know.

      Thank again, Emily!

      — Pandi

  2. Fantastic-looking game so far. Found it on Animeotk. What happened to it? Looks like there’s a ton of potential. I’d love to help if you need any.

  3. Really love the game. Wondering if I could suggest a few things (though I’m sure you’ve already gotten a million suggestions)? Little One’s body just seems like a scaled down man, not really a boy. I don’t know if it’s just the length of his limbs or something, but I like the idea of a man turned into a boy. Also did you think about showing/modeling Little One’s genitals, seems like that would add to impact of taking off his underwear for a spanking? And maybe some kind of spanking dance after a spanking, like with Little One embarrassed, grabbing his butt. Seems like that would add to the embarrassment.

    But overall still it’s looking like a really wonderful game!

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words here and on AOTK!

      In the original conception, Little One was a real “little one,” but it’s just too problematic to put someone young-looking in an erotic rendered game! So I created the idea of G.I.A.N.T. World and made the main character a shrunken man. The proportions are basically that of a grown man, except that the head is a little larger so you can see it!

      I’ll have to think about the idea of a spanking dance. Maybe for the girls who don’t carry him to the Naughty Seat? Hmm. It could be a neat idea if I could get it to fit in with the gameplay. As for showing genitals, I would prefer to stay away from that since it is still an F/m scenario and the character is treated like a baby at times. I figure it doesn’t detract too much and makes things more palatable for a whole lot of people!

  4. Great update dude! I’m sure you’ve already got a thousand horny guys telling you what else they want in the game, so I won’t add any suggestions. Just want to say the game is looking nice.

  5. Thank you pandi360 for creating something that I love so much, I found it through your Deviant page. Right now at Tier 2 with cheat but starting to think going to 3.
    Anyway great job. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Mario. At the moment, I’m letting the Tier 2 people see all the commissions, so you are not actually missing anything! This will change if/when I get a lot of Tier 3/4 folks, but at the moment, it’s only a few out of the 35 or so supporters that I have. If you do decide to join Tier 3, I will do occasional commissioned renders for you as though you were Tier 4, but if you are happy where you are, no need to increase your donation for the time being! But thank you for thinking of it.

    2. Hi, Mario —
      I never did give you a final thank-you for supporting me. I was sorry to see you go! But I would be happy to do a final pinup for you and send you a link to the finished work. Just let me know what you would like me to make. Perhaps I will see you back someday!


  6. Love this game especially the diaper play. Just wish there were daddies in this game too, at least one. The crying sounds could be more realistic too. I hope you continue this game.

  7. I love this game, however I personally wold love to see at least one male adult. I think an Australian male would be wonderful.

  8. Just found this site after working out what happened at AOTK. As I’d commented there in the removed thread, I really liked what I played of the game from the version there and would like to get in touch with you about helping you spread the word of its existence now AOTK is no longer an option. I couldn’t find a contact email for you anywhere (here or Patreon), but please contact me if you’d like a little assist.

    1. Hi, Banjo!

      It’s still amazing for me to hear from you. As I think I mentioned before, I “consumed content” for many, many years without giving back, so it is surreal to have made a good impression on one of the members of the original pantheon. Anyway, thank you so very much for reaching out.

      Yes, RobM didn’t like me shaking my tip jar from time to time at AOTK. I have nothing to say in my defense, other than the fact that he applies his rules inconsistently (to say the least). It does pain me to have it suggested, as he has, that I violate the integrity of a fan site like AOTK with my game and my presence. Anyone who has played the game for even two minutes can see that it is a labor of love. I wish he had bothered to ask a respected member or two what they thought of it (or me). I think perhaps he also misunderstands how tip jars like Patreon can be motivating for many creators. The money is a pittance relative to the amount of work, but the tangible show of support makes creators work much harder than they otherwise would. Enough of that, though.

      As for spreading the word in places other than AOTK, I’m certainly open to suggestions! Are there other spanking sites with any real community? I am also willing to have the game on a regular adult site like F95, but I can’t put it there myself (I have tried). If you have any thoughts, you can either reach me at, or use this thread, or wait until I am “unbanned” at AOTK (Nov. 24th) and use their PM system.

      Thanks again, Banjo. It means a lot to me that you have reached out.



  9. Hello, just wanted to say I have tried you game. it is very well done. I really like the choose your own adventure type scenario. I do enjoy the concept of a female dominated world. OTK spanking are my thing. the other thing that I like that is not there. is diaper discipline. But that is not everyone’s thing. the scenario would be it you wait too long to get the diaper on one of them notices and then proceed to spank and then diaper you. Again this is only a suggestion not a must have or a demand. I believe you put a lot of effort into this game and deserve a lot of praise and respect. keep up the good work.


    lil joe nubio

  10. i think that the game is awesome and it works very well. It would be nice if you can save and load progress, but maybe it isn’t indispensable yet… if i can ask… can you insert a way to get a harder punishment, something like consequences for struggling or try to run away by a spanking, or the “don’t make me count to three” rule?

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