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If you’ve tried the game, please let me know what you think. What works? What doesn’t work so well? I will respond to every comment (unless it’s abusive). Thanks!

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  1. I found this game via AnimeOTK before they took the link down, and I have to say I love it. I’ve fantasized about similar concepts before, more from a female-gaze angle, but this still pushes a lot of my buttons. I love how fully-realized it is, with the animated spankings, the voices, the scolding, and so on.

    Personally, I don’t care for diapers and diaper play, so if there’s a way to avoid that content, I’d prefer it. Also, some stuff about the game backstory would be useful, just to help set the scene. Maybe an intro screen or something, or maybe a book in the main character’s bedroom. “How To Be A Good Boy For Your New Mommies” or something, written like old children’s books on proper behavior, and in the process filling in some stuff about the game world. I could write that if you needed a little help; I read a lot of old stuff like that.

    What would be useful is some idea of what’s currently implemented and what isn’t. Messing with stuff in the bedroom doesn’t seem to be able to get me in trouble yet, but maybe I just haven’t found the way to trigger it? I haven’t managed to get spanked by all four women yet.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments. Honestly, I’ve been working on this game in a total vacuum, and these first bits of feedback are so incredibly valuable to me! I wish RobM (a moderator at AnimeOTK) didn’t rule with such an iron fist. I am hopeful that I will eventually get through there, because I crave the feedback, but it is quite a challenge. I think in general moderators see the worst in people, and having never been in their shoes I can’t really judge.

      It is generous of you to look past the very strong male-gaze elements of this game. It’s basically a peep show, and one of my biggest concerns was that the already-rare female F/m fans would see this and conclude that it wasn’t for them. So I am very gratified that you found things to like in spite of this.

      I like your idea about an intro screen or book. When I first started the game last September (it’s been a while!), I didn’t know anything about what was possible. Now that I have a better idea, I’ve had a chance to think of details about this world and what I might try to do with it, both for this game and in the future. I am not afraid of writing, but if you feel inspired to write and share something yourself, I would be tickled to include some of it if I am able.

      Regarding the diaper stuff, I intend to make it easy to avoid. My goal is to have spankings with various implements / undergarments / etc., but it is very hard for me. Each one takes a day or two to implement. So I’m not sure where it will end up, if it does.

      As for getting Jessie to spank you, since the “naughty level” is cumulative, you just need to be there when you’re at the maximum naughty level. Some “naughty” things you can do there are: take pictures of her with the phone (extra naughty points if you are wearing the x-ray glasses and she appears to be naked), open the drawers and try on her panties, or, oddly, attempt to wake her up by hitting her bottom with the toy ball. The naughty points will be awarded when she wakes up and becomes aware of what you’ve done.

      I’m not sure how best to indicate what’s been implemented other than providing a cheat-sheet (which I might do), though if I’m ever allowed on AOTK, I hope to engage with the commenters and let them know.

      Thank again, Emily!

      — Pandi

  2. Fantastic-looking game so far. Found it on Animeotk. What happened to it? Looks like there’s a ton of potential. I’d love to help if you need any.

  3. Really love the game. Wondering if I could suggest a few things (though I’m sure you’ve already gotten a million suggestions)? Little One’s body just seems like a scaled down man, not really a boy. I don’t know if it’s just the length of his limbs or something, but I like the idea of a man turned into a boy. Also did you think about showing/modeling Little One’s genitals, seems like that would add to impact of taking off his underwear for a spanking? And maybe some kind of spanking dance after a spanking, like with Little One embarrassed, grabbing his butt. Seems like that would add to the embarrassment.

    But overall still it’s looking like a really wonderful game!

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words here and on AOTK!

      In the original conception, Little One was a real “little one,” but it’s just too problematic to put someone young-looking in an erotic rendered game! So I created the idea of G.I.A.N.T. World and made the main character a shrunken man. The proportions are basically that of a grown man, except that the head is a little larger so you can see it!

      I’ll have to think about the idea of a spanking dance. Maybe for the girls who don’t carry him to the Naughty Seat? Hmm. It could be a neat idea if I could get it to fit in with the gameplay. As for showing genitals, I would prefer to stay away from that since it is still an F/m scenario and the character is treated like a baby at times. I figure it doesn’t detract too much and makes things more palatable for a whole lot of people!

  4. Great update dude! I’m sure you’ve already got a thousand horny guys telling you what else they want in the game, so I won’t add any suggestions. Just want to say the game is looking nice.

  5. Thank you pandi360 for creating something that I love so much, I found it through your Deviant page. Right now at Tier 2 with cheat but starting to think going to 3.
    Anyway great job. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Mario. At the moment, I’m letting the Tier 2 people see all the commissions, so you are not actually missing anything! This will change if/when I get a lot of Tier 3/4 folks, but at the moment, it’s only a few out of the 35 or so supporters that I have. If you do decide to join Tier 3, I will do occasional commissioned renders for you as though you were Tier 4, but if you are happy where you are, no need to increase your donation for the time being! But thank you for thinking of it.

    2. Hi, Mario —
      I never did give you a final thank-you for supporting me. I was sorry to see you go! But I would be happy to do a final pinup for you and send you a link to the finished work. Just let me know what you would like me to make. Perhaps I will see you back someday!


  6. Love this game especially the diaper play. Just wish there were daddies in this game too, at least one. The crying sounds could be more realistic too. I hope you continue this game.

  7. I love this game, however I personally wold love to see at least one male adult. I think an Australian male would be wonderful.

  8. Just found this site after working out what happened at AOTK. As I’d commented there in the removed thread, I really liked what I played of the game from the version there and would like to get in touch with you about helping you spread the word of its existence now AOTK is no longer an option. I couldn’t find a contact email for you anywhere (here or Patreon), but please contact me if you’d like a little assist.

    1. Hi, Banjo!

      It’s still amazing for me to hear from you. As I think I mentioned before, I “consumed content” for many, many years without giving back, so it is surreal to have made a good impression on one of the members of the original pantheon. Anyway, thank you so very much for reaching out.

      Yes, RobM didn’t like me shaking my tip jar from time to time at AOTK. I have nothing to say in my defense, other than the fact that he applies his rules inconsistently (to say the least). It does pain me to have it suggested, as he has, that I violate the integrity of a fan site like AOTK with my game and my presence. Anyone who has played the game for even two minutes can see that it is a labor of love. I wish he had bothered to ask a respected member or two what they thought of it (or me). I think perhaps he also misunderstands how tip jars like Patreon can be motivating for many creators. The money is a pittance relative to the amount of work, but the tangible show of support makes creators work much harder than they otherwise would. Enough of that, though.

      As for spreading the word in places other than AOTK, I’m certainly open to suggestions! Are there other spanking sites with any real community? I am also willing to have the game on a regular adult site like F95, but I can’t put it there myself (I have tried). If you have any thoughts, you can either reach me at, or use this thread, or wait until I am “unbanned” at AOTK (Nov. 24th) and use their PM system.

      Thanks again, Banjo. It means a lot to me that you have reached out.



  9. Hello, just wanted to say I have tried you game. it is very well done. I really like the choose your own adventure type scenario. I do enjoy the concept of a female dominated world. OTK spanking are my thing. the other thing that I like that is not there. is diaper discipline. But that is not everyone’s thing. the scenario would be it you wait too long to get the diaper on one of them notices and then proceed to spank and then diaper you. Again this is only a suggestion not a must have or a demand. I believe you put a lot of effort into this game and deserve a lot of praise and respect. keep up the good work.


    lil joe nubio

  10. i think that the game is awesome and it works very well. It would be nice if you can save and load progress, but maybe it isn’t indispensable yet… if i can ask… can you insert a way to get a harder punishment, something like consequences for struggling or try to run away by a spanking, or the “don’t make me count to three” rule?

  11. So I just found this game yesterday via your old Patreon. I think I’ve seen most of the spankings in the game (Preparing your room with the numbers and drawing doesn’t work on Callie when she goes in to put away the ball, right? It’s only Jessie who spanks you there.) I love that someone is doing an actual spanking-focused game, that’s rare. I’m not exclusively into Fm, I like all pairings although Mm is my least favourite, but for now I’m still very glad this exists.
    I found a few posts of you arguing that you didn’t want to do certain things (allowing a female spankee, showing frontal nudity) because it would make the game less palatable for some people. Now, I don’t want you compromise your artistic vision for my sake, but this doesn’t seem like a great reason – this game is very much niche content to begin with and the only people you should care about offending are possibly your patrons (or whatever the new site calls them). Do what you’re comfortable with, but people who’re ok with the game as is probably aren’t squeamish about fetishes. It’s a no win scenario anyway – I could very well point out that the motivations of the main character seem very much explicitly sexual or that the worldbuilding implies that since males can never reach mental maturity, all procreation in that world is rape. It doesn’t matter that much. We play the game to see spankings in a context and atmosphere that enhances the effect of the art, and you’re doing that really well. So don’t feel pressured to include anything you yourself dislike, but also don’t be afraid to put off those who probably wouldn’t be into it anyway.
    Now I won’t go into stuff I’d like to see for content, after all you probably get enough of that and listening to me might also be unfair to the people who pay you to develop the game (although if you’re interested, feel free to ask). But a few technical nitpicks: the age “verification” in the beginning seems unneccessary and also gets annoying after a while, since it’s a pretty long dialogue that you have to do every time you restart the game. If you feel that it needs to exist for legal reasons, please at least make it as short as possible – it’s only charming for the first time. The room transitions could be more clearly marked. And finally: have you though about getting fans to “donate” their voice acting for the game? As long as you draft a decent legal agreement for the use of the samples you should probably find easily enough for the 5 characters with a few lines each that you have.

    1. A lot to think about; thanks for the comment, mordomacar. I admit that I tend to grease the squeaky wheel, so to speak, which is generally why I’ve changed some things and not others. I’m sure you’ve discovered that you can click the mouse quickly to move through dialogue. Not a real solution, of course, but it mitigates the annoyance (and even I have to do it when I’m debugging!). Anyway, appreciate the “squeaks”!

  12. Even though I’m not into diaper stuff, this is the best spanking game I’ve played so far. The details and the art are simply amazing. Additionally, I liked that you didn’t overdo it with tutorials and hand holding for the actual gameplay; it gave me a sense of freedom I didn’t know you could have in renpy games.

    Since everyone trows in their 2 cents as far as content goes, I was a bit disappointed that the robot maid didn’t use the stuff knocked down from the cabinet before sending the player into Navi’s room. Also, “the pacifier” doesn’t show up in the mirror and the iPad girls don’t react to the player having a pacifier (not completely sure about the last one). Nevertheless, I really liked your artistic vision, so just do what feels good for you and I’ll be happy.

    One of my problems with the game was the sound volume. It was basically very loud even when I used the volume mixer to set it to 1 or 2. Another issue was being stuck with items in hand, I had to restart the game, because I couldn’t figure out what to do with the letter and I couldn’t put it back. Maybe allow the player to put everything back where it was in case you can’t figure it out, or you realized you needed to do something else first?

    Lastly, maybe it’s just me, but I would think a light walkthrough would be good. So far, I’ve played three times and I haven’t discovered how to use the book in the MC’s room, the letter on the chair didn’t influence anything and the spoon only mad people mad, but no actual action.

    Anyways, great game, thanks for making it publicly available. As soon as I shake my current “between jobs” status, you will probably be the first person I ever supported on Patreon.

    1. These are great comments. Here’s some feedback on a couple of your points:

      I had never thought about the pacifier in the mirror / iPad. I will definitely add this at some point, at least to the mirror!

      A later version of the game (available to my supporters on SubscribeStar) does have the robot maid using one of the implements. BTW, there is no more Patreon, except as a shell, only SubscribeStar. (PayPal, which Patreon uses, doesn’t allow this type of content any more.) 🙁

      I had never heard that volume was a problem! I can certainly make it way too soft on my own system, and it doesn’t register as loud on my mixer program. Hmm, this is a strange one.

      If you do decide to become a supporter, you might be disappointed that more than half my time is spent on “pinups” now, rather than the game. It’s hard to find the right mix, but even though people say they want more game updates, they don’t like to wait for the huge amount of work it takes, and the additional game-play ends up being quite minimal. But I always do the best I can!

      1. You are just one person, I hope nobody expects you to magically conjure up a game. 🙂 If someone doesn’t like “minimal” game-play updates, then they can wait for a several update and enjoy a larger amount of new content at once. Not to mention that as I said before the amount of detail that goes into every one of your renders is amazing and one of the reasons why the game is truly special.
        However, if you ever expand the game content, maybe add the ability to save the game? Having to take it from the top for a 20-30 min game is OK-ish…. 🙂 having to the same for 1-2 hours worth of content or more could alienate some players.

        On a different note I noticed two bugs, but SPOILER ALERT!!!

        1. I broke the vase while the bot was in maid mode. It automatically cleaned the mess while the screen was still dark (from the “helmet”), but the image with the vase and the hint still appeared whenever I hovered my mouse over that spot. Furthermore, i could even jiggle the showcase trying to get to the vase.
        2. I had both the glasses and the “pacifier” on when the robot started spanking. Got to the punishment chair and Navi didn’t notice anything, but the glasses didn’t work either. Had to go to the kitchen where Callie noticed the pacifier, but the glasses remained on for the rest of the game without working on any of the girls except Jessie whom I had visited before all this happened. I think they disappeared during the bath, but I’m not sure as I could have simply got so accustomed to them being on the screen that I no longer noticed them.

        Ty for all your hard work.

  13. Thank you very much for this exciting game!
    I hope that you will continue to develop your project …
    There is a request, I have signed up for your game, but I cannot log into my account. The code does not come to my email. Help me solve the problem.

    1. Do you mean you have signed up on SubscribeStar? I’m afraid I do not know how that works for someone signing up. I have not heard of any issues before. Did you email SubscribeStar and explain? They have been helpful to me on other matters, so hopefully they can help you with this.

      Please let me know if they are unable to help. If nothing works, I can request a refund for you.

  14. Hi Pandi, I want to ask, is the ping-pong paddle useful for something or maybe it will be in a later update? (I have 2.15.1 version)

  15. I just found out about this and played through it. Dang it is good, im loving it so far. I read through some of the comments and like someone else has said I wish it was an actual age regressed man and not just a shrunken man. I really hope you might reconsider at some point or at least make the man have less mannish features. It just looks kinda weird to me being a small man with a beard or what looks like a 5 o clock shadow and thick mannish legs lol. I hope you don’t take this negatively, I think its a great game with amazing potential and no one else is doing anything like it, but I figured I would at least throw my 2 cents in there. I noticed you also told one commenter that having an age regressed man was the original plan, but surely there are places you can do that and not worry? Maybe have the option to have a shrunken man or age regressed man?

    1. Thanks so much, ARFan.

      Unfortunately, there really aren’t places where content of the sort you mention is welcome. Even with the odd aspects of mannishness, as opposed to true regression, this game is not welcome on Patreon (because of PayPal restrictions) or even sleazy sites like F95. Strange for sure, but that’s the way it is!

      Thanks again for the kind words.

      — Pandi

      1. I understand. I just thought I would throw this out there. Have you considered places like Ci-En, Enty, or even maybe something through Pixiv via Fanbox or something like that? I know they are more predominantly Japanese sites, but they seem to be a bit more lax on some content that would be considered taboo in the west. Or at least I’ve seen plenty of loli, shota, etc games on there. Anyway I really want you to succeed so I just thought I would throw those out there.

  16. I’m always impatient for a new update and i could ask for it every day, but obv i think that it would be annoying… but now 5 months have passed from the last update and so….. are there at least any news??

    1. Well, I am slowly working on a new area. I’m hoping to finish before Christmas. I should make sure subscribers have it first, but of course I will post it here as I always do!

    1. No app needed, just Windows! It’s an executable file, so after you extract everything from the RAR file, you double-click on the “run me” file. (The first time loading takes a while, so you have to be patient.)

  17. Hi,
    I want to first say in a very sincere way, Thank you. I know that seems a little corny or over the top for something like this, but I wanted to share with you why I feel that way. I’m a disabled Vet, I don’t get out much anymore and the sad part is I’m still pretty young. The other reason is that there is a fetish out there that is starving for content and it’s the sissy baby girl fetish where a male is sissified by strong domineering woman. I know that’s not exactly what you have here, but I hope you can see how a player of your game is hopeful for something even remotely close to this with your game.

    You really have done something here that is so out of the box amazing. The entire multi-faceted dynamic between all the girls, the style of play, and erotic nature of it all combined together is quite a work of art in my eyes. The perspective is great, the angles of view, the sounds and characters. I’m very hopeful for other related fetishes that fit within this category down the road, thus I’m very excited to see what the future holds for what you put in future releases of the game.

    Do you plan on expanding any of the current scenes and events? It seems a shame that so little is done revolving around the panties, and of course, like so many i would love to see further expansions revolving around the diaper stuff.
    Any chance of combined flavors? Sissy diaper stuff perhaps? haha

    I don’t have a subscribe star account, but after playing your game and one other I think it’s time I make one. I’m not the type for monthly stuff as I prefer lump sums.

    Take care, and keep doing what your doing.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your disability. If my game gives you a bit of light, that is thanks enough.

      There are really just a small handful of pinups on my SubscribeStar blog that fit your fetish. (There is a higher-tier member whom I’ve made a few pinups for, but that is all.). It has a more recent version of the game, but there is no additional diaper or sissy content.

      It’s too bad that our specific interests don’t align better. In spite of that, I’m so grateful for the very kind things you said about my game. I do give my “all” for it!

  18. Hey there, Pandi!!!
    I just got done sending you this same message on DeviantArt But I thought I’d post here to just for good measure. 😉
    So I have been playing your awesome game for about six months now and I’ve kind of hit a brick wall. I’ve figured out alot of the interactions with the girls but I’m possitive that I’m missing out on alot of good content. I’m secretly hoping and wishing for more interactions with Callie. 🙂

    So Anyway, I thought I’d take a chance ask you if would be willing to send me a walkthrough/manual? I’m a huge fan of your work, and I’d really hate to miss out on anything in the game. But if not, that’s 100% cool. Regardless, I just want to say that you’re pretty talented and I can’t wait for the next update if you have one in the works!!!

    Thanks for being awesome!!!

    1. Hi, Tyler —

      I responded to your DeviantArt message. Thank you for this comment. I love that you appreciate the game so much. I’m sorry that there is no manual / walkthrough … 🙂

  19. I’ve been taking you on the patreon for a long time and I like your work on the ubscribestar but I had to cancel my subscription here I can’t afford it but in a few days I’ll start removing again could you please send me a game with the latest update ??? Thank you in advance for your reply sorry for my english

  20. Thanks again Pandi!!

    Yeah I have a few questions about character interactions, but the only ones I’d like to get help with all the diaper change encounters and if Ria, Callie and Navi’s friends are able to change you? Also, are the interactions any different during any of the diaper changes if you soil your diaper before they change you? I also feel like im missing possible interactions with Callie and Ria.

    Could you clue me in maybe?

    Thanks again!!

  21. Minor spoilers, so proceed with caution! 🙂

    Unfortunately, you can only get diaper changes from the 4 main girls. No Ria, and not Navi’s friends. (Callie yes, but it isn’t as elaborate as, say, Brynn’s is. You just have to manage the 3 hearts to end with Callie, if that makes sense.) And I had originally intended to add content based on whether you “used” your diaper or not, but I haven’t managed to do it yet.

    [Edit: I forgot that the version Tyler is using is the SubscribeStar version that has the secret room. To everyone everyone else, sorry for the confusion! :)]

  22. Hey Pandi!!!
    So I’ve been trying for a bit of time, and I still can’t figure out her 3 hearts for a diaper change at the end.
    Any chance you could give me a step by step? 😀 If not here, maybe message me on DeviantArt? Also, I cant figure out
    how to get Junie to spank me. She always shows up in the secret room, takes my diaper off and says the spanking machine
    is broken. Tips? Also, can you interact more with Amelia, other than the Ipand in Navi’s room?

    Thanks for being so chill and patient with me.

    (deviantart: daylatefriend88)

    1. Hi, Derek! I’m going to jump in, because this might be a little confusing. The version I offer here is a little out of date (in fairness to the SubscribeStar folks). So it doesn’t have the area with the secret room, I’m afraid. (Also, even in the up-to-date version, the full Junie scene isn’t coming until March.)


  23. I found the secret sequence with Navi. Are there any more? And what’s the letter for? And how do you peek at Navi in her room? And how do you get the items from next to Ria?

    1. Hi, K —

      That “secret sequence” probably shouldn’t be in the version I link to here. 🙂 It was part of an ongoing contest for subscribers, in which the first to find the secret sequence in a given build would get a pinup of their choice. So, no, there aren’t more in this version.

      As for peeking at Navi, I’m afraid there may be a bug. [spoiler coming] Try to get up during dinner when she leaves. If it’s not possible, then there’s a bug. Unfortunately, some older versions have that. (You are also able to get spanked by her there if you are at maximum naughty.) It’s honestly rather tricky to fix. Hopefully the next update won’t have it in there!

      The Ria items can’t be picked up, but [small spoiler] if you’ve broken the vase, you can be spanked with them. Probably you’ve already discovered that.


      1. I’m playing the latest version you have on subscribe star, if that’s what you meant. Regardless, it’s a great game and I hope you keep working on it.

        1. Ah, well, in that case, you should be good to go with Navi! (It all works in the latest version on SubscribeStar.)
          And thank you for the generous comments about the game.

          1. You mean 0.2.16 pre-alpha? I’m having the same problem with that version. When dinner starts, I try to get up immediately, get the prompt for the high chair, eat the vegetables, then try to leave, and Navi’s already at the table.

          2. I can’t seem to reply to your latest comment, so I hope this goes in the right place!

            Anyway [spoiler for anyone else reading this], you’re right that there isn’t enough time if you have to go in the high chair. Try eating the vegetables yourself before you get up from the table. Hope that works for you.

  24. Hm…looks like I’m having the same problem still. Pick up the fork, eat the vegetables, leave the table, and she’s still already there.

    1. Ah, shoot, I had no idea that this had broken again … I will fix it for the next update, I promise. Thanks for taking the trouble, K, and sorry about that!

  25. hi pandi360

    i love your game. and i would love to play the up to date version. problem is that for substar and patreon you need a creditcard, and we dont use those in where i live. is there a other way to pay and still get that good content?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is another way to pay. This sort of content isn’t welcome on PayPal, and I don’t think SubscribeStar accepts Maestro or anything like that. If you don’t mind, I’ll send you an email.

  26. Hello Pandi360 , I discovered your game on AnimeOtk there are now several and I loved discovering “the nonsense” and the different “punishments” that girls can give to little one . Even if still today there are objects that I do not understand what they serve as the book in the living room . I am sending you this message for your information because today I am playing the free version you are updating on this site and I would like to switch to the most recent version available . The first thing I would like to know is since I live in France, I would like to know if the game is available for this country? Then the second thing is that I want to take the level 2 to 7$ but at the time of purchase I noticed that I had 2 € more to pay and I would like to know if it’s up to you?

    Thank you for your understanding Nicethvalflo

    Ps: Sorry for my English, I don’t speak it fluently

    1. Thank you, Ethan!

      There is no translation for the game (English only), but of course the English-language version is available everywhere. If you pay too much for SubscribeStar when you upgrade, it is easy for me to give discounts. Just let me know; I am happy to do it.

      1. First of all thank you for answering me so quickly then I think I got the wrong translation since you didn’t answer me , I asked if you receive the supplement? And can you tell me more about the discounts you are so generously proposing ?

  27. I really hope you are still working on this project and that it is doing great things 🙂
    I have found a bug that I can reproduce, if you are interested let me know ill forward you the details.

    Otherwise, the game is great and I love it.

    1. Thank you, Jeff! Yes, I am still working on it, and am always interested in fixing bugs. But all means let me know about it when you get a chance.

      1. after dinner if you explore the house when you should be in the bathroom, you can peek in the keyhole and sometimes you will see the girl in there. If your naughty meter gets you a spanking, you get a spanking. If your meter isnt high enough, the game crashes with an error log. I can forward that to you if you tell me where.

        1. Yes, I have had a lot of trouble with that scene! Just too many variables for me to keep track of, I guess … Thank you for taking the trouble to point it out. In any case, I believe that particular bug has been fixed in the latest version (the one available to SubscribeStar supporters). I would be happy to email you a link to the download, which you can have without subscribing. Just let me know. (Fair warning that the scene still has some issues! For example, you can keep peeking through the door, and eventually Navi will have gone back to the table and room will be empty. Did she teleport?? Sigh. 🙂 )

          1. teleporting is ok too lol… Glad you knew about it already. Looking forward to seeing how this whole game progresses.

  28. I would love to see that link, I just wish there was a way to support the cause without joining there. Any other funding site or way to donate that isnt linked to a credit card? I support what you are doing, hell I would love it if they came up with a way to do this in real life… id play for sure 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t deal well with this kind of content, so SubscribeStar is what we’re left with! I guess maybe they’re taking Bitcoin now, or will soon? Anyway, thank you for the kind words. Please send an email to me ( that includes a valid email address for you, so that I can send you the link.

  29. hi pandi how are you?
    i think that your game is always better and always the best 🙂
    I’m exploring the last version (from subscribe star) and I’m excited for the new contents, but I’m also a little bit inpatient, so i have some question for you…
    is there a path in the laundry that i haven’t found yet or is only a place where you can easily increase the naughtiness meter? i thought that someone would come to see the mess that i did…
    another question is: is the ping pong paddle useful for something?
    and finally the last is: do you think that in future updates will we see something after bedtime? maybe a new day or maybe something during the night..
    if you don’t want to do spoilers to others feel free of answer me by email 🙂
    cheers :)))

    1. Thank you very much! So …um … the answers to your questions are Yes, No, and Yes!

      Seriously, though, since you have joined on SubscribeStar, I will answer you there. (Check your messages soon.)


  30. Just want to say that I just found this game and am only starting to work through it, but I already think it’s fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work that obviously went into creating it.

    1. So nice of you to say, Sam! It means a lot to me when anyone takes the time to share kind thoughts like this.

  31. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and
    both show the same results.

    1. Uh oh! I will take a look as soon as I can. Thanks for letting me know. [Edit: Hmm! I can’t find the broken images anywhere. If you have a chance, please let me know where you’re seeing them. Is anyone else getting these broken images? Thanks!]

  32. Hi. First of all I want to say I really like you game. (I’m a long time lurker since version 2.6.1)

    I just want to let you know that in in the current version the games crashes when you get caught by Rey peeking into Navis room.
    The then opening traceback.txt reads:
    While running game code:
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 224, in script call
    call _splashscreen from _call_splashscreen_1
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘dialogue_891’.

    I hope that helps with fixing.

    Keep up to good work!

    1. Thanks for the bug report, Punisher (and the nice comments)! I am really bad with revision control, and I no longer have the code for this older version, but I think I may have corrected the error since then. (Not sure, though!) I will send you an email, which I hope is OK.

        1. Thanks again for pointing it out! I did send you an email. If you get a chance to check the new version, that would be great. If not, no worries, of course!

  33. Hey, I really like the game, but it seems like it’s been a while since any new updates. How’s development going?

  34. Best thing I’ve found in the net in many years. Super work. I would love to see any other animations you have on file (some of what you mention on here).

    I love everything about the game. I would be interested in more diaper discipline in the game, rather than just requesting changes. And tweaks around the girls adding naughty points for using the diaper. Perhaps there could be potty training too?

    I await future updates regardless!

    1. Yes Alex. I’m in the same way. After playing this. I think the game should have some potty training discipline. As the “first spanking book you find says”.
      I think after playing the game that could be a good option for a “second day” with Navi. For example she can put a laxative and then you have the option to mess. It has not to be “gross” live thing to imagination. And after messing if your diaper is messy and get caught. The girl that sees you says.
      You need spanking, oh but your diaper is messy. She changes you with an animation and after that spanking in diaper position on the bathroom diaper table.
      But if you are good and get three hears in some way and go to a girl she checks you, and say you’re messy. But you have been good it’s time for a change. She do a gentle change. And after that the “happy ending”. For example Navi Magic wand. Jessi butt plug. Bryan dick between. Adn for the girl in the kitchen. Masturbation with cream. Something like that. Lots of things to think off.

  35. Hi Pandi =E )) I just want you to know that I got to play your game few minutes ago and right after I finished it I started to type this comment to express my colossal admiration of your epic work, I have been a spankophile ever since I watched a boy getting spanked by a woman Japanese style while watching a 1970s Japanese anime and I have been in love with video games for more than three decades, actually my dream was to make video games but due to complicated circumstances I ended up being a content writer instead and now I am watching a talentless piece of trash (who used to be my neighbor way back when we were worried about Y2K (Remember Entrapment :0) ) pretending to be a game designer when he never made a playable game in his entire miserable life so let me tell you bud that if there is a true game maker with a real talent and creativity, not to mention a buttload of fresh hardcore tantalizing Fm spanking fetishism that the game side is oozing with it sure is NOT that shitstain, because that spot has been already claimed by a legend who goes by the name Pandi360.

  36. Very good game I enjoyed a whole afternoon. Trying diferent paths but it’s someway dificult. Hope the game is done someway in 2022-2023.
    It would be nice to have some wet diaper discupine / potty discipline.
    Hope you’re working in next version for the developent. If so i would like to suscribe if we get a new version on 2022.

  37. Superb job. Renders. I Loved the diaper changes. By the way the spanking book makes a real effect on Navi. She says that has Potty discipline but no more. You should do a mess diaper “easter egg” it hasn’t to be full explicit.
    For example you mess the diaper. And if your naughty level is full. The girl gets you. Cleans you. After that spanking for messing. (Could be diaper position in the table). And then get changed.
    Continue your super job.

  38. Wow loved this thing. Haven’t played nothing this good ever. Loved the interactions.
    By the way when Brynn Changes you in the bathroom and you’re dry say you are not wet or messy.
    Is there a way to mess the diaper.

    1. Unfortunately not. But you can wet it (spoiler) if you’ve had something to drink by bringing the bedtime-story book to the toilet when no one is in the bathroom. You can either pee into the toilet or, if you’re wearing a diaper, into the diaper.

      1. Played a whole afternoon. Padi great thing. Hope for next day or updates in future maybe later 2022 or 2023. Would like to see the other girl in the tablet. When you give the spanking book to Navi she says potty training (messy) hope to see some in the future… Take your time.

    1. Thank you, TNP! Probably no additions in 2023, but there are a lot of little Easter eggs in the game, even though it’s pretty small overall …

  39. Wow what a great find I have done. Spanking and diaper my favs. Enjoyed a lot. Hope to see new content. This is great.
    By the way apart that giving Jess book to her and playing with the brushes can it do something with Navi.

    1. Thank you! Probably no new content, but in the existing game there are lots of little easter eggs here and there. I once had plans for additional diaper content with the book, but too many people objected to it, so it never happened.

    1. Hi, Palboux — I replied to your comment on Foxtales as well. Unfortunately, that pinup series is not something from the actual game. In the game, there is no daycare scene, or anything outside the apartment!

      1. Excuse me, I was referring to this:
        This first series shows the little one coming home from daycare with a note pinned to his back. The note explains that he used lots of bad words at daycare that day. So he gets a mouth-soaping and has to sit with the soap in his mouth one whole minute for each bad word he used. And, of course, his diaper is pulled down and he is soundly spanked.

        1. Yes, I know the series you mean. As I said, it is not a scene from the game. It was a commission from someone who used my characters as a starting point for his idea.

  40. Hello again, I was wondering if someone can help me with a scene where Navi goes to your room, I just have one step to take but I don’t know what it is. I arrive in the part where the child spy is her fourth and she is changing but to appear from there I don’t understand anything else … thanks in advance

  41. Yes, I’m sorry, I made this WAY too complicated … [spoilers coming] First, you have to make sure Ria (the robot helper) is awake and sitting in her chair (not dusting). Then, when it’s time for dinner, you have to sit down at the table with your Naughty Level pretty high but with a few more levels to go. Navi will say she needs to go change her clothes, and you follow her to her room. You spy on her, and if your Naughty Level is now at maximum (which it probably will be because you left the table without eating your vegetables and then spied on Navi), the spanking sequence will begin. Whew!

    1. Thank you very much, you know, the game has some similarity with OTK productions games. Like the one from Annoying the Babysitter.. I loved it!! I will continue with that enthusiasm!!

    1. First you must activate the robot maid and put her into dusting mode. Then you can explore the game room freely. If you reach the highest level on the “naughty meter” AND the girl in the bathroom (Brynn) is finished, she will catch you and spank you.

    1. I’m sorry, but I think this will be the final version. But as I mentioned in an earlier comment, there are a lot of little things to discover here and there!

    1. You have to open the curtain first. You’ll find a washing machine and a dryer. You have to open and crawl into the washing machine, where you will find a set of keys.

        1. If you call Junie using the video screen in Navi’s bedroom, she’ll make a reference to the “secret room.” Then she’ll show up to help you with the machine when you’re in it.

    1. This is a silly one, so my apologies for that. You have to take them out first, and since you won’t be able to carry them, they will tumble onto the rug. Later, if you bring in Jessie’s “textbook,” she will notice, see the hairbrushes, and remember that she has homework to do. Again, it’s silly and hard to discover …

  42. When I use the spanking machine by myself, under what conditions will Navi come in? I’ve tried so many times and only a few times it worked, but somehow she just comes in

    1. It’s actually Navi’s friend Junie who helps you with it. You have to call her first using the video screen in Navi’s bedroom.

      1. Thank you,So does calling another girl have any effect?
        And How to get the woman in the kitchen to walk into the laundry room,then spank?

        1. You have to play with the laundry basket and make a mess, then hang out in the laundry area for a bit until she comes. And you have to have your naughty level at maximum, or else she won’t spank. But there are plenty of things to do in the laundry area to raise the level!

    1. You have to play with the laundry basket in the hallway and make a mess. Then you have to hang out in the laundry area for a little bit and make sure your naughty level is at maximum before she shows up (which is pretty easy to do there).

  43. Wow super game to be entertained a whole afternoon discovering things diaper spanking what more.
    There will ever be a part 2 I that i would support it on suscribestar?

    1. It was supposed to be, yes! But I did not get around to making it work as I had intended. So it is just a tease, I’m afraid …

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